How to organise and store your kids’ toys with Jess Beileiter of @cleanorganisedmumma

How to organise and store your kids’ toys with Jess Beileiter of @cleanorganisedmumma

If anyone knows how to keep a tidy home that’s both functional and fun, it’s Jess Beileiter of @cleanorganisedmumma and @cleanorganisedhomeA professional and passionate declutterer, Jess shares her best home organisation tips daily on Instagram, while offering in-home services to Sydney-based families ready for a cleaner, calmer home.

With a toddler herself, Jess understands how overwhelming kids toys can be for parents. “It can get out of hand very quickly,” she shared with us, “especially when there are birthdays, Christmas, and even those small Happy Meal-type toys that always seem to accumulate over time.”


“It’s all about creating a functional system that will work for your family, and keeping it as simple as possible so its not only easy for the parents, but also for the kids to maintain.”


To stop the sense of overwhelm – and over-clutter – when things get a little out of hand, Jess has shared with us her 6-step system to help keep your kids’ toys organised. 


“Decluttering is the first step, and it can be hard to know where to start. If you would like to take the process slow, set yourself a goal to go through one box of toys per day or per week. This way it is a gradual declutter and not all at once. If you would prefer to do all the decluttering at one time, make sure to bring all the toys you own into the one space and you can go through each box or tub all together. Find any toys that are no longer played with or have any broken parts or missing pieces. They can be donated, given to friends or thrown out.”


“If your kids are older, get them involved and get them to pick out five toys they absolutely love and then find some toys that they are happy to pass onto other kids that are less fortunate than them. This is a great way to teach kids about decluttering and that we can’t hold on to everything.”


“Once you have decluttered and are left with the toys that are well loved, its time to start organising them into categories. You may have categories like dinosaurs, cars, dolls, blocks, etc. If you have an array of toys that you are not sure which category they fit into, having a miscellaneous tub works really well. Grouping all categories together will give you a better idea of the storage solution that will be required to contain all of the toys.”



“Measure your space and decide how many tubs or boxes may be needed to contain the toys and what you have room for. Cube storage with pull-out tubs is a fantastic option because they make it easy for the kids to pull-out themselves, and they are easy to pack away at the end of the day.”


“Toy rotation is also a great option if you don’t want to have every toy out at once. Having some larger tubs to put away certain toys and then each week/month you can switch things up. Have categories that are a bit broader, like wooden toys or learning toys.”



“Set up the play space once you have the storage solution and start sorting all the categories into their designated tubs.”



“I really believe that labels are the key to maintaining a toy space so everyone in the home knows exactly where the items will go. This also makes it so much easier when it’s time to pack away or find a specific toy.”


“There are so many amazing kinds of labels you can get now, especially for toy rooms. A great option for little ones is to find labels with pictures of each category so they can find their toys easier if they are not at an age where they can read yet.”



“Enjoy your newly organised play space.”


“The number one tip to maintain the play space is to declutter often. This is best to do before each birthday and Christmas so that you can make space for new toys that may gifted to your kids.”


“Keeping on top of it regularly will really help with the overwhelming feeling since the decluttering part will be a lot quicker and easier now that all toys have a designated space. Having an organised space gives you so much more time to enjoy the things you love!”


For more advice from Jess, her on Instagram at @cleanorganisedmumma or head to her website here.