How it started

Hi, I’m Fatima, founder of mor-stor. I’m here to make having a beautiful, tidy home easy for parents of kids that love to play.

My story began 20-years deep into my career, which took me on a journey from supplying Australia’s leading home and lifestyle retailers with licensed children’s products (think Barbie socks, Spider-Man underwear, Dora the Explorer bean bags and Disney Princess couches) to sourcing furniture, home décor and storage for all ages.

Mor-stor was created during a special period in my life. As I began the process of setting up my first nursery room, I had a hard time finding the middle ground between the types of products I had been supplying as I didn’t want my home to be filled with licensed prints and characters, but also didn’t want to spend a fortune on designer items. I wanted storage options that were well priced and looked good, while conveniently storing all the nappies, wipes, lotions and toys that came along with parenthood. I was certain there were other parents who felt the same.

So, mor-stor was born; an easy destination for practical, reliable storage basics you’ll actually want to keep on display in your home. Being a lover of all things storage (and most importantly, an organised home), my vision is to provide parents access to timeless and on-trend tubs, cubes, baskets and more that make tidying up fun for your kids, and a breeze for you.

As we continue to grow (and bring you even mor) I can’t wait to share with you everything you could possibly need – from physical products to tips and inspiration – to keep your child’s living spaces under control and looking good.

Phone Number : 03 9560 2458