2pk Boys Bolts Collapsible Fabric Storage Cube - Large

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Is your child's messy room making you go crazy? If yes then grab a few packs of our printed foldable storage cubes and start organising and separating toys so that they have their own home.

Designed to fit the larger size cube bookcases, these fun printed collapsible cube storage bins can be moved and transported easily from the bedroom to the lounge room and even the car.

Even if it's only you that uses them at the end of the day, at least you'll feel good knowing that you can pack up and hide whatever they are playing with inside the storage bin, and then deal with it another day.

Take some tips from Montessori and start to rotate toys to keep your child engaged each week with their toys.

We know that the smaller sized cubes don't really do the job. Kids have alot of stuff these days, that's why our storage cube bins are BIG! They can hold up to 3kg of kids toys, books, or dress ups. We have got you sorted.

Perfect addition to a playroom, bedroom, child care centre or class room.

Mix and match the fabric cubes with other plain coloured cubes to organise your child's toys and keep them off the ground and packed away when not in use.

Size : 32.5W x 32.5D x 32.5Hcm

Fabric : Polypropylene

Print : Dark blue base with yellow lightening bolt print.